Oh my god. 

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w is not a vowel —every message in my inbox for the next 16 years (via corporateaccount)
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iowa is the only state that consists entirely of vowels

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going back to school like


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I’m only sharing tweets for those who are not on twitter and can’t see how passionate and outraged journalists are as they tweet from #Ferguson.

If you are on Twitter, here’s a good roster of people to follow if you want to keep updated.

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once you start to notice these little turns of phrase you literally can’t unsee them 

'protests turn violent'

'clashes with police'

'violence breaks out'

'rocked by blasts', when referring to gaza bombing 

all the nice vague statements that carefully avoid mentioning an actor, because it sounds worse if you do. this violence just spontaneously started happening, it’s crazy!!!!

i’m really tired of it

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JUST IN: 78 arrested overnight in Ferguson, more than double the total reported by authorities

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yo i swear to god people act like the only option a police officer ever has when it comes to black people “aggressing” them (which is also both debatable and super racialized anyway) is to go for the most lethal shot possible. do people forget that a whole host of other options—tasers, non-lethal shots, etc—all exist? and that you don’t *have* to shoot someone repeatedly in the head unless you want to fucking kill them?

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At a deposition, Ferguson’s former police chief revealed that his staff did not keep records of incidents in which officers used force against citizens, so long as no one died; in other words, there was no way of telling how often incidents like Davis’ happened.

remember shit like this when they talk about how mike brown’s shooter had no disciplinary record

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